December 1, 2015

11 Reasons to Live Abroad While You’re Young

Having first moved to London in 2008, then to Miami in 2010 and LA in 2015, all before coming back again, I’m no stranger to relocating. I’ve heard the familiar reassurances of career enhancing opportunities and life affirming possibilities, many of which are true, however there’s more to it than that, which is why I want to share with you my 11 Reasons to Live Abroad When You’re Young (That a Responsible Adult Probably Won’t Tell You!)
You’ll become less inhibited and feel free to explore new opportunities that you wouldn’t at home, surrounded by familiar friends and family.
You’ll become more spontaneous – ready to drop everything for a chance weekend in Venice, or Copenhagen!
You will probably fall in love.
You’ll make friends from around the world, which means you always have someone to visit, somewhere to stay and someone who’s thinking about you.
You’ll meet people who change the way you see the world.
You suddenly become a lot more interesting.
You’ll learn that some of the things you take for granted, aren’t accepted everywhere – your culture, your beliefs and prejudices will be called into question.
No matter how homesick you might be, you can be cheered up by the knowledge that most of your friends back home, would love to be in your shoes.
Parties in foreign cities are that much more fun than those at home: from different drinking customs to the adventure of finding your way home, through cobbled street at sunrise.
Every day can feel like a movie – totally immersed in a foreign culture can feel like you’ve been dropped into the set of a film, except you’re the actor, writer and director of your story.
You’ll be able to prove the guidebook wrong.

The longer you wait, the more responsibilities you’ll have and the harder it will be for you to leave. There will always be something in the way, if it’s not university, then it’s the pressure to find a job, then to keep that job or climb the ladder, so go now; live abroad while you’re young!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and tell me, if you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be?

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