WATCH: Cannes Red Carpet with L’ORÉAL

Cannes Red Carpet with L’ORÉAL

Being in Cannes for the film festival can feel like a dream come true, yes, but I have to confess reality hit me pretty hard when I found myself smack bang between Helen Mirren and Kevin Spacey on the red carpet this year- imposter syndrome, anyone? Maybe I should have reminded them my second name wasn’t Stone or Watson for that matter and no, I’m not related to Arthur Miller! Oddly enough, this is my third year to be invited, so I have just about learnt how to hold it together (smize and all) for the few seconds of camera flashes. Rewind two hours earlier and you will find an indecisive, giddy Emma trying to make several last minute choices: which dress, jewellery, accessories to wear and how her hair and makeup should be! Whilst a good ol’ snapchat filter hides a dozen sins, it only tells part of the story, so this time I wanted to document the entire experience in a vlog! Thank you to amfAR for an incredible evening and inspiring us all to get behind the fight to end the AIDS epidemic.

Hope you all enjoy this video and if you want to see part two, let me know in the comments!

Picture Credit: Ellen Von Unwerth

Video Editing: Mike Miller

  • Realist Soul

    First and foremost, Happy Birthday Emma! I wish you all the best! Much love and stay blessed pretty lady!

    Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed this video and eagerly look forward to part two! The editing and quality is top notch!

    • Emma Miller

      Aww just seeing this now! I didn’t get a chance to respond when it was my bday. Very sweet of you – thank you! xx

  • Arlene Burns

    Beautiful dress Emma and jewellery looking stunning as always, love the video. Bet it was a wonderful experience at Cannes again 🙂 Happy Birthday also 🙂 xxxx

    • Emma Miller

      Thank you Arlene! So happy you liked the video! You’re such a great support and I really appreciate the time you put in to reading my posts and watching my videos and commenting! I always look out for your comments :)) xx

  • Mark

    Hey Emma, you won’t be missing your flight again in a hurry will you! (Hopefully not!) Just got back from ten days in Mallorca so you’re getting a barrage of comments on here and YouTube – sorry about that 🙂 It’s fascinating to get to see and read about events like this from your perspective. It’s probably hard work at times but we all appreciate it. And now for the next blog… 🙂 xx

    • Emma Miller

      Haha no definitely not I will be the first passenger to arrive!! I was so paranoid flying back I would miss my flight I arrived an hour early! Wow how was Mallorca? Never apologise I love a barrage of comments- nothing makes me feel more fulfilled!! 😀 I do a lot of events right? I don’t usually post about them and I hope they’re not too boring to watch! My favourite videos are the ones straight to camera with a cuppa where I feel I can just open up and chat to you guys! xx

      • Mark

        Sorry for the late reply, Mallorca was looovely and over too soon. I think it’s great when we get to see the events you go to, getting to see an event that I wouldn’t normally and also to see it from your point of view makes for great viewing in my book. Equally the straight to camera ones are a nice insight into you a person. Perhaps you’ll have to do a ‘cuppa with Emma’ series? Crucially what tea do you drink? I like a good ol cup of PG or Twinings everyday, but also love a cup of green tea too. Keep up the good work and don’t ever stop being you! xx

  • Bryan D’Souza

    Hey Emma, Did you vote IN or OUT in The EU Referendum? 😀 Interested to hear your view! Thanks Bry

    • Emma Miller

      I voted remain! I was pretty upset with the result tbh! x

      • Bryan D’Souza

        Thanks Emma, I was pretty disappointed too! I guess we will have to wait and see what happens!
        Wimbledon Finals this weekend! I fancy both Serena Williams (Ladies Final) and the Flying Scotsman Murray (Mens final) to win. Who are you going to be supporting? Bry x

  • King

    I’m so glad and happy that you were at Red Carpet
    You deserve it because you are the best my Dear Emma
    I love you very very much

    • Emma Miller

      Haha thank you King! You’re very sweet! Back at ya! <3 xx