3 Eyeliner Looks to Nail Holiday Glamour

Starting with a simple, everyday cat eye flick I’m going to show you Three Eyeliner Looks to Nail Holiday Glamour this Christmas!

number 1

If you have 10 minutes: the cat eye. Simple and universally flattering the cat eye is the first eyeliner look every girl should master. Some girls like to use scotch tape to achieve perfect lines but if it’s a look you’re going to want to wear most days, you simply won’t have the time to be so precise.

  • Beginning at the outer corner of your eye, angle your brush toward your temple – for a more casual look – or the end of your brow – for something more glamorous – and draw out the tail of your flick.
  • If you’re new to this go for a smaller tail, you can always extend it when you have more confidence.
  • From a quarter of the ways in from the inner corner of your eye, draw a dashed line along your upper lashes. Then connect the dashes for a smooth, sleek frame.
  • Returning to the tail you made in the first step, start at it’s outer point and with a more shallow angle, connect the tail to the line along your upper lashes – creating a triangular shape.
  • Using a liquid eyeliner, fill in the triangle shape and thicken the eyeliner along your upper lashes to soften where the line meets the triangle.
  • Use a cotton wool bud dip in makeup remover to clean up any mistakes. Alternatively, try concealer.



number 2

If you have 15 minutes: divergent eyeliner – as seen at Dior Cruise ’15.

  • Building on the steps above, move to the lower lash line. From half way, draw a line out towards the wing above but do not let them meet.
  • Using a nude eyeliner, emphasise the space between them, and finish by drawing along the inside or the lower lid.



number 3

If you have 20 minutes: graphic eyeliner

  • Join the line from your lower lashes to the wing above, creating a triangle shape extending from the outer corner of your eye.
  • If you wish to take this one step further, repeat the step above in the inner corner to create an exaggerated, cut out cat eye.
  • Use the nude eyeliner to clean up the cut out shapes and along the inside of the eyelid.



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  • Sasha

    Wow I love these different cat-eye looks! I’ve never tried the last two but they are really different and cool! You are always so inspiring! I really enjoy reading your beauty posts and blog on how to do my make up better! Would love to see you’re morning routine on here! P.s. Merry Xmas!!!!

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks for your comment Sasha! Just gave you a shout out on my snapchat! Merry Christmas!! Happy you liked this post and found it helpful! If you try and of these looks out don’t forget to take pics and use the hashtag #EMbeauty I will the post them!
      Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year! xoxo

  • stylebetweenlaws

    I love the way cat-eyes can change the look in your eyes 🙂
    Marry Xmas!

    • Emma Miller

      Thank you! Yes it really does make a dramatic effect- let me know if you try it out! 🙂 Merry Xmas too! Xx

  • dramakween911

    You look AMAZING though – of course!!

    • Emma Miller

      Thank you! Have fun trying these different ways of wearing a cat eye! xoxo

  • Emma Miller

    I still do this even now! Best tip is to make eye is closed and stretch the eyelid from your temple before applying the liner! 🙂

  • fashionjunkie101

    Wow! These are great! Do you have any training in make up?

    • Emma Miller

      Hi! Thank you! No formal training but I learnt as I went along, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they help you learn! xoxo