WATCH: 4 Easy Gym Hairstyles

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I love trying out new hairstyles when I get stuck doing the same thing! Hope you find this helpful as a little inspiration to mix it up! Ideal for the gym or everyday- try them out at home and let me know how you get on in the comments below!

What I’m wearing:

Dress by Topshop:

T-shirt by Topshop

Earrings by Topshop

Rings by Topshop


Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

Kerastase K Gloss Appeal shop similar here

Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax

Bristle Brush

Hair slides by Orelia from Toshop shop similar here

Hair accessories by Orelia from Topshop:



Small elastic hairbands by Hershesons

Large elastic hairbands by Hershesons

Tangle Teaser by Urban Outfitters


Video edit and photography: Kyle Galvin

Hair styling: AER Blow-dry bar


Look One: The Kendall Ponytail


Look Two: The Side French Plait (Amy Schumer Inspired)

Emma Miller Amy Schumer inspired hairstyle

Look Three: The Top Knot

Emma Miller Rita Ora inspired hairstyle.jpg

Look Four: The Kim K Slicked Back Look

Emma Miller Kim Kardashian inspired hairstyle

  • Mark

    Hey Emma! Top notch advice and inspiration for the girls (and guys) out there. Is it me or are these just getter better and better!! The split screen thing was cool, I think there’s room for using that more if it’s not too difficult to shoot with. Looking forward to seeing your vlogs, I LOVE the Greek Islands. Actually that’s an idea, how about a video with your top places to go on holiday – give me some ideas for next year! I love your work, and I think you’re AMAZING, inside and out! 🙂 xoxo

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks so much Mark for commenting on both YouTube and my blog! The split screen can definitely be used again 🙂
      Yes I have a few travel vlogs to edit and I can’t wait to start on them! Need to get them finished before fashion weeks start eek! So happy you’re loving my content and that you’re so supportive! :)) xx

  • Realist Soul

    Greetings from NY Emma!
    Those B&W photos are the icing on the cake. 👍🏽 The best content is right here on your blog, which is why I have it bookmarked and read it regularly. You integrate everything so nicely and I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into building your brand and inspiring other girls. I honestly have no problem watching a video that may not be intended for me because it gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge base.
    You know how much I’ve learned from you in such a relatively short time span? I’d still be spending $10 daily (£7 I think) on Acai bowls if not for your YouTube tutorial.
    I’m also a lot more cognizant of my fashion sense thanks in part to you. I stepped my game up a bit and added some flair to my casual look. I’ll never be a fashion connoisseur but any improvement is good and beneficial.
    Whilst I cannot get away with sporting any of those hairstyles for obvious reasons, I look forward to going back to the gym in October. I’m an introvert so I normally workout from home, but for more high intensity workouts I tend to thrive well in a gym environment.
    I love the fact that you’re into health and nutrition.
    You’re not only immensely attractive Miss Miller, but you’re also a very intelligent and well cultured lady. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that your accent is so alluring. Apple needs to get in touch with you for iOS 11. #MakeEmmaSiri
    I hope the love carries you Emma! I also hope that you were able to read this in its entirety without the need to take a nap! 😂 Looking forward to what’s next babe! 😘✌🏽️

    • Emma Miller

      Hey hey!
      Reading this comment has me smiling like a cheshire cat!!! Thank you so much for your lovely kind words!! I am so happy to hear that you’ve found my videos informative and that you’ve been trying out the recipes at home yourself! Also good to know you’ve been saving money through my videos too! Haha
      I definitely didn’t need to take a nap – you write so well! I love that you’ve been also taking some fashion tips :))
      Hope you like my most recent video on morning routine with a few more healthy recipes for you!

      Lots of love xx

  • Arlene Burns

    Oh yes I know all about being sweaty and hair all over the place and in knots. Teaching every day more Spin Fit than anything else my hair is in a constant top bun, but as soon as I tie my hair back at all it goes into knots and curls and cant leave it back down. I look as if I have been chased by a mighty Lion haha 🙂 Will write back again soon about to leave to the office to guess what…teach Spin 🙂 take care Emma xx

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Arlene! Though you’d find this post interesting :))
      Hope your spin classes are going well! Let me know if you tried out any of these hairstyles yourself!


      • Arlene Burns

        I just put my hair in a bun or tied back for teaching for those sweaty spin classes, sorry didn’t reply back work was hectic before Christmas, back today. Have booked our wedding for 16 February 2019 plenty of time to prepare and looking into houses once Chris has sold his old place I want to get things moving on this year. Mum still not good but getting the deposit paid for the wedding has given me a little boost 🙂 hope you are having a great time on holiday and had a great Christmas, say hello to Mike, take care 🙂 xxxx