September 24, 2015

5 Italian Phrases for #FROW Small Talk

While the #Frow is a small world made up of many familiar faces, there are times when a designer will seat you next to someone new, or worse, someone you’d rather forget. However, once eye contact has been established – during the will-you/won’t-you-make-room-for-me silent tousle that comes with the front line territory – small talk is obligatory.

To avoid any awkwardness between you and your potential NFWBF (new fashion week best friend) I’ve put together a list of 5 Italian phrases – it’s Milan Fashion Week after all – and what they really mean. You two will be coordinating outfits in no time!

1. Come é andata la tua estate? Dove hai trascorso l’estate? How was your summer/Where did you spend it?

To spend your summer anywhere but between your office and your home suggests you are successful enough to have time & money to spare. And just like that, you suddenly become much more interesting.

via The Zoe Report

2. Andrai anche tu a Parigi? Will you be going to Paris also? 

Are you committed to the fashion week circuit or are you simply someone else’ +1?


3. Non ti ho visto alla cena di Gucci ieri sera! I didn’t see you at the Gucci dinner last night!

– there was a Gucci dinner??

Of course, you don’t know if there was a dinner – you weren’t invited. But, it’s true you didn’t see them there. It may be misleading but it’s not exactly a lie and now your inside status is firmly established. 😉

Paris Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2015 - Streetstyle

via MabelleTalks

4. Londra era super tranquilla a questo giro, non pensi? London was very quiet this season, don’t you think?

Topical stories go down a treat and everyone loves to complain!

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5. Hai Instagram? Do you have Instagram?

The ultimate ice breaker. You’re not really asking if they’re on Instagram, because everyone is but what you really mean to say is let’s follow each other. The first step down a long path of best friendship.

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Hai Instagram? Doesn’t everything sound better in Italian? 😉

Please send me your small talk ideas in the comments below – in Italian, French or English – honestly, I’m three weeks deep and could do with all the help I can get!

Ciao for now, ragazzi!




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