November 17, 2015

5 Key Ingredients To a Great Workout

Jacket & Tights by Nike
Top by Adidas x Stella McCartney
Shoes by Nike

There are an endless number of excuses for avoiding your workout. I should know, I’ve used a lot of them: it’s cold. I’m tired. I have nothing to wear!

However, I also know nothing beats that post-workout satisfaction that allows you to relax on the sofa that evening, entirely guilt-free.

Yes, it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon, to get out of shape or distracted by the more important things in life, but if you can get these 5 Key Ingredients to a Great Workout in place, you’ll find yourself less likely to reach for an excuse, instead of your shoes.


Location is everything – I need lots of natural light to feel energised and I love to workout outdoors. Unfortunately, living in London it can be tricky to find time between the rain, sleet and more rain to get out there, that’s why finding the right gym is important.

With there being so many gyms around to join, I recommend researching a few to get the best deal for you. Membership fees are often flexible so don’t be afraid to let your gym know if you’ve seen a better deal elsewhere!


Great kit – sometimes the only motivation I need to kick start a new routine is some new exercise gear, whether that’s shoes, shorts, or a new top. When it comes to my workout style, I usually opt for bold colours and prints to inject some energy into my routine!


#Goals – it’s important for me to set myself achievable goals that I can work towards. While I love to tone up, I’ve learnt that being skinny doesn’t make me any happier,  so my goals are oriented towards improving fitness, strength and flexibility.

I use the Nike Running App to track my workouts, measure my stats and keep me motivated. Knowing that I’m in reach of my goals, encourages me to continue when I’m all but ready to give-up!

Try sharing your stats on social media using dedicated hashtags like #runningstreak so you can challenge yourself and motivate others.


Mix it up: some days I’ll go for a run, other days I’ll check into a gym class or Barry’s Bootcamp – a workout my Snapchat followers will recognise: (emmamilleruk)! I like to keep my training varied, as not only is it tiresome to do the same thing everyday, it keeps your body guessing and enables you to reach your fitness goals faster.


Sleep: sleeping more may sound counterproductive but it’s essential to reaching your fitness potential. When you’re asleep, your body goes to work, repairing muscle fibres and growing stronger. Not to mention how much harder it is to get your tush in gear when you’ve had a less than ideal night’s sleep.


What motivates you to work out? What’s your favourite way to train? Let me know and we can share ideas in the comments below!

xo EM


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