5 Things That Beat Looking For A Winter Boyfriend

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It wouldn’t be winter if there wasn’t one company or another telling us that we’re lacking something in our lives, whether it’s a large bar of chocolate or something more problematic, like a winter boyfriend.

I’ve seen too many editorials like this one that say the same: he may not be right for you, he may be a slob but at least he’ll keep you warm ’til spring.

Well I know the reality of winter can be harsh, especially for us singletons, but seriously, why compromise?

Being alone in winter might mean stumbling out of the club at 3am on a sub-zero Saturday night, clutching your best excuse for a wing woman and heading home to sleep off your hangover, or worse, staying in and feeling like you’re missing out but yet I wonder, should leading womens’ magazines really be telling us to shack up and settle for the nearest thing on two legs? And all for the sake of what? Thawing our frosty hearts and warming our bedsheets? I have Netflix, central heating and um…friends, y’know.

In case you still need convincing, here’s 5 Things That Beat Looking For A Seasonal Relationship:



Going out: party season begins in earnest in December, but can start as early as Thanksgiving – even here in the UK. A reason to dress up? Check. Chance to socialise? Check. Food and drinks? Check and check! Why not check out my new makeup tutorial for some seasonal beauty inspiration?


Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Not since Halloween or Clueless, has anything American been so warmly welcomed to the UK than the addition of Black Friday & Cyber Monday to our calendars – the pre-Christmas sales when you can shop your seasonal wish list at cut price. Sign up to the Net a Porter newsletter now to find out what will be in the sale before everyone else!


Book releases: Nothing beats curling up at home with a book on a cold, winter’s day and where better to start than Mindy Kaling’s new collection of essays, “Why Not Me?” All reviews point to it being even funnier than her first, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, and other concerns”.


The Gym. Summer may be over but your motivation doesn’t need to be. Exercising less can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and combined with the depressing weather, you can find yourself in a slump that will be much harder to shake if it’s left till January. Why not keep in shape if you’re at a loss for what to do? If you want to read more about beating the winter blues, check out my post on Motivation here.


Staying in: in case you aren’t versed in nesting, let me explain: like a bird building a home with twigs, feathers and some girl’s clip-in extensions, I too plan on accessorising my home this winter. For me, that would be with scented candles, throws and new bedding, so no sooner have I put my key in the lock, I can breath a sigh of relief: I know there’s no place I’d rather be.

But to whom will I turn to for company? Not a puppy, surely. No, we all know they aren’t just for Christmas. Not a man, no, I’m a modern woman, who won’t settle for less than Mr Darcy. A chocolate bar? Well, it wouldn’t go a miss but instead, I plan on doing something surprisingly novel, making time for my friends. Anyone for a glass of wine and dinner?

xo EM

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  • fashionjunkie101

    Yes, who needs men when there’s a great selection of nice throws available at John Lewis lol No, but seriously, I also don’t understand all these ‘how to get seasonal bf’ articles, they are silly, and sad. Thanks for the guide! xx

  • Arlene Burns

    There are lots of things you can do without having a man involved at the festive season, even attending the theatre to get into that Christmas spirit, meeting up with friends or work colleagues for a pre-christmas luncheon after some shopping always perks up your mood. I usually organise between Christmas and New Year an afternoon tea with champagne at one of the tea lounges in Glasgow then if we are staying out, organise we meet husbands/boyfriends afterwards for drinks and later dinner. Christmas may be a bit different this year as Ive usually just looked after my mum, made dinner for her then she has a Christmas Snooze 🙂 but she is very ill just now so I have no idea whether she will be home or still in hospital but on a happy note I have a wonderful guy and he has a lovely family who have been very supportive over the last few months so whatever happens I will keep my chin up and stay my bubbly self 🙂 xxx