6 Lipsticks To Get You Kissing

Have you ever made out with someone while wearing a bold red lip and all of a sudden realised,  Stolen Cherry looks a lot like Slaughterhouse Red?

I have and it’s not pretty.

But with Valentine’s Day around the corner and boys everywhere ready to lean in for the kiss, what’s a girl to do?

Sure, you could go for a light peck and save your good graces, but what if it’s like, someone you really fancy?

If closed mouth kisses are kept strictly for friends and family (as they should be), there’s only two ways to go:  steer clear and risk being friend-zoned or go in for the kill, in full lip-smacking, tonsil hockey glory. You already know which one I’d recommend. 

So, having tried out almost every combination of gloss, stick and stain in my bid to find a girl’s best wingwoman, I’m here to help guide you through 6 of my favourite lipsticks to get you kissing!



– Understated and fresh, this is the perfect colour if you have gone for a dark or smokey eye.
– Super moisturising – unlike other nude lipsticks I’ve tried, this one doesn’t dry out or crack on the lips.
– Not quite sheer, this nude has a depth of colour that gives really even coverage
– Easy to apply, no lipliner needed!

Playfullness: 8
Sex appeal: 7
Staying power: 5



Creamy, soft and nourishing
Semi sheer and easy to apply – you can add layer it easily without it caking
Versatile – can take you from office to party to morning after

Playfulness: 8
Sex Appeal:  7
Staying Power: 6



– Game changer- who wears orange lipstick?
– the kind of girl who is bold and audacious yet fun and playful
– she likes to try new things (including her men)
– orange is the new red.

This lipstick is quite sheer so depending on how adventurous you’re feeling you can layer it and go for a darker richer orange or go for a subtler touch if you want to play it cool.

Playfulness: 8
Sex Appeal: 6
Staying Power: 6




Strong, bold, orange-toned red for lips that pop.
Matte colour but still creamy.
Think pin-up red.

Playfulness: 7
Sex Appeal: 7
Staying Power: 7



Dark berry colour.
Sassy, sexy and a little unexpected.

Playfulness: 7
Sex Appeal: 10
Staying Power: 6

*Not available in the UK yet! Shop similar here.



– Blood red colour
– Confidence boosting
– Not your classic rouge this has darker tones that show off an edgier look.

Playfulness: 6
Sex Appeal: 9
Staying Power: 8

Now, tell me. Which lipstick would you choose?

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  • I really love the Tom Ford ‘STOLEN CHERRY’!! This color is so perfect and really really sexy, hot of course :p So yes, I choose this one!

    • Emma Miller

      Hi Cindy! Yes me too! Its so different and adventurous! I love a dark plum lip colour and better yet its a gloss! Lovely to get your feedback on this! Hope you have a great valentine’s day! xxx

      • Thanks! Hope you have a great Valentine’s day too 😉

  • dramakween911

    Omg your descriptions are so funny! Loved this post!! They all look so good on you but my favourites are Tom Ford First Time and Givenchy Orange Magnetique

    • Emma Miller

      Thank you! i had fun a lot of fun trying on all these different lipsticks and goofing around for pictures! 🙂 Tom Ford First time is my favourite too because it goes with everything and is so pretty on the lips!

  • fashionjunkie101

    I absolutely L-O-V-E these gifs!!! And the post is so witty 🙂
    As for me, if I wear red lipstick, I never kiss, NEVER lol so if I plan on kissing I usually go for a transparent lip gloss, just pick the one which tastes the best 🙂

  • LHA

    Nars Lana is one of my favorites (so is Charlotte)! I’ve been meaning to try the Tom Ford lipsticks for ages, and First Time looks great!

    • Emma Miller

      Ooh I must try the Charlotte one! The TF lipsticks are so good! They make lips look luscious! ?

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