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September 10, 2015

The 8 Kinds of People You’ll Meet at NYFW

Fashion Week isn’t made up of designers and models alone. From street style snappers, design students, interlopers and those just passing by, everyone is hoping to spot – or be spotted as – the one to watch.


Tommy Ton via STYLE.COM

1. The PR Intern

Will work for free (in hope of photobombing Ms Wintour). Can be spotted running in heels while juggling a clipboard and a black iced coffee.


Unless labelled otherwise, all photos by Adam Katz Sinding – Le21eme

2. The Socialite

Most often seen on the front row, clutching their namesake handbags for legitimacy. Later? They’ll be dj’ing the afterparty and snapping selfies.


3. The Celebrity

As brand ambassadors, celebrities play a vital role in getting press attention for a show. They probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t in their contract – which might explain why they’re always last to arrive – but at least they get their goodie bags!


4. The Mega Blogger

She knows she’s #blessed to be there, but inside she’s confused why the cameras are focused on the runway and not on her skinny chai latte topped with agave syrup and cacao nibs as usual.


5. The Supermodel

Without the hectic schedule of some of the new faces, the supermodel can really enjoy Fashion Week and is down to have some fun. Making glamorous appearances at all the best parties and dancing later than anyone else. You’ll want to make this one your BFF.


6. The Poseur

You know the one. Most often seen taking unlikely forms of transport to and from the shows…


7. The Heiress 

Dressed head to toe in Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Moschino. Expect to see flashes of fur – no matter the season – and over the knee boots. Do not expect to see an invitation.


Photo by Tommy Ton – spot the vintage Blackberry!

And finally, No. 8: The Legitimate Journo 

Casting withering glares at the fashionistas, bloggers and last-to-arrive celebrities, the journalists play a vital role in keeping this circus in line. Thinking about taking a seat on the front row? Do it, so long as you can handle the derision of every editor in town.


But let’s face it, it’s the hangers-on that are the bloodline of the fashion industry. Their interest make the insiders relevant and without the stereotypes above, Fashion Week wouldn’t be half so much fun!

If you had the chance to swap places with anyone at Fashion Week, who would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

xo Emma

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