Sheats Goldstein Residence, LA
March 13, 2015

A California Day Dream

As you’ve probably heard, it’s award season in LA, which means – besides celebrating the best of industry talent – beautiful gowns, fabulous parties and incredible homes in the hills.

This season has been no different and while the homes aren’t yours and the parties take care of themselves, finding the right dress (or dresses!) can keep a team of stylists and assistants busy for weeks. As a girl who loves nothing more than dressing down when she’s not on set, choosing an outfit for the red carpet can be pretty daunting. Can I walk in it? No. Can I breathe in it? Definitely not! Will it fall apart the moment I step in front of the cameras? Almost certainly… Fortunately for me, this year I’ve teamed up with British brand REISS, to put together the perfect occasional looks and then took to the hills to share the story with you.






There’s nothing like a house in the hills to make you feel like a Hollywood glamazon, for just a moment I felt quite at home 😉



Perched high, up in the hills, the Sheats Goldstein residence is a modernist mecca designed by the late, acclaimed architect, John Lautner.

Model Emma Miller photographed by Ben Tsui at Sheats Goldstein residence wearing Reiss 11

With views like these you can really fall in love with a city.



Like these looks? Let me know in the comments below and shop the full collection here.

xo Emma

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