BTS with MakeUp54 & Urban Decay | Giveaway

I’ll change my nail colour as often as there’s days in the week, but I’m not nearly as adventurous with my cosmetics. Whether it’s a lack of time, confidence or the fear I’ll leave my makeup on when I go to sleep, I tend to keep my beauty regime to a bare-faced minimum. That’s why I was excited to get seriously dolled up for once in a collaboration with MakeUp54 and the beauty maestros at Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Inspired by the glamour associated with 1980s New York – think Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry – we went for high impact, bold colours and full gloss. Everyday makeup this is not.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video from the shoot below!

Now, I know you don’t want to just admire my makeup, you’ll want to create these looks yourself. That’s why I managed to secure some of the Urban Decay products we used on the day to give away to you!

All you need to do to enter is subscribe to my YouTube channel, like my latest video and leave a comment.

I’ll be picking the two lucky competition winners a week today: Friday the 11th!

Update: I’m excited to announce the winners of my Urban Decay beauty giveaway are YouTubers Cipher Gayle and Lily Fisher! Congratulations to you both! Please can you send me an email with your contact details to

To all those of you who took the trouble to enter, thank you so much and please don’t be disappointed. I’ll be running more competitions like this in future!

Love EM xo

Are you a makeup maven or wash-and-go kinda gal? Let me know in the comments below and tell me your top tips when it comes to cosmetics. I want to know!

Model Emma Miller Behind The Scenes Photoshoot with Makeup54 Urban Decay L'Oreal

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Video: Ben Cornish
Photography: Alice Luker
Make up: Anna Priadka
Hair: Danny De Freitas
Nails: Miss Merx


  • Sophia Salina

    My top tip would be to use cello tape when doing eyeliner or creating any eyeshadow looks, makes the eyeshadow look clean and crisp! X

  • 1chynna

    when I do luminous skin effect I mix foundation with a golden or a pearly white eyeshadow

    • Emma Miller

      That’s a great idea! Which brands do you use? I like to mix Charlotte Tilbury primer with the foundation before applying! xo

      • 1chynna

        i use Makeup forever foundation and Milani eyeshadow 09 Pearl

  • bilqees bano

    I use normal makeup ..I mean I don’t use heavy makeup eye makeup because if your eyes look pretty ..people avoid what you wear or how many scares on your face is my fav makeup tip .. I usually use it & its works all the time 🙂

  • steph

    Hi Emma, your skin always looks amazing! Just wondering what body products you use to keep your skin looking so healthy and glowing?

  • I tend to go for more natural looks and light makeup. I don’t think I’ve ever worn makeup as bold as the look at the end of your video! A great moisturizer is the first step in my routine.

  • Sarah olivia

    I always like to do my eyeshadow first then you don’t have and little specs on your cheeks especially if it’s dark eyeshadow! Haha I am doing more of a contour routine at the minute. What lip/eye colours do you go for more when it gets towards winter? Xox

  • Sammi B

    Love this look, great to see you be more adventurous with your looks. Still prefer the minimal looks :). I really hope to see you do maybe a skincare routine on your channel. Or even just an everyday make up look. Also fast becoming my favourite blogger, love how you interact with followers. xxx

  • Bayan

    I just saw your snap chat and you were wearing a Fuschia lipstick which designer are you wearing? And which make-up brand would you recommend? Thank you

  • Cristine

    Hi Emma, just wondering if you guys received my email? 🙂
    – Youtuber Cipher Gayle