May 26, 2015

Cannes Film Festival Diary

L to R: Wearing Gabriela Cadena, Christophe Guillarme, Christophe Guillarme

L to R: Wearing Gabriela Cadena to Sicario, Christophe Guillarme to Inside Out, and Christophe Guillarme to The Weinstein Company’s Carol.

Hi fashionistas, sorry to keep you waiting on this one but I think you can tell from the post it’s been a very busy week!

Cannes Film Festival is a real highlight in the film industry’s calendar. The prestigious week is when the fate of everything from would-be Hollywood blockbusters to movie shorts and indie flicks, is set for the year ahead, but that’s not all; the fashion industry also come out in full force, with PR gurus working incredibly hard to ensure designers make their mark on the red carpet.

It goes without saying, the festival is fast-paced, glamorous and mad, but that’s all part of the fun. Fortunately for the second year running, I was invited to attend a number of the premieres, as well as some of the very special events surrounding the festival.

Actually walking the red carpet takes no time at all, but a lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes – some of which you will have seen if you’ve been following me on Snapchat: emmamilleruk!

1) Find a dress. Finding a dress might seem easy but throw into consideration the strict dress code enforced at Cannes, and it becomes a little more complicated. Then there’s the glam factor: no longer a choice between long or short, in order to keep up with the other glamorous attendees, you need to navigate the show rooms and pick out options to cover every eventuality – from ball gown, to cocktail, jumpsuit and couture. Finally, it’s a case of fingers-crossed that the dress you just squeezed into, stays in one piece under the glare of the flashing bulbs.

2) Jewellery. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the feeling of leaving a show room with a case of full fine jewellery and a body guard in tow, yet when you’re wearing Chopard, it’s very much a necessity. Though Cannes seems safe, the festival does have a history of playing stage to one of the biggest jewellery heists of all time!

3) Hair & makeup. Like anyone, I’ve had my fair share of hair and makeup disasters – Google won’t ever let me forget! – but when you’re stepping in front of the world’s press, on a carpet you’re sharing with Marion Cotillard, Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron, the stakes are that much higher. Lighting is everything and at the end of the day, you hope that the press will pick up the most flattering photos – and then shrug it off when they don’t!

Emma Miller Cannes Film Festival 2

L to R: Wearing Sophia Kah to The Closing Ceremony, Zeynep Kartal to La Tete Haute, and Gabriela Cadena to Macbeth.

With special thanks to the teams at Karla Otto, Chopard, L’Oreal, Avakian, Gabriela Cadena, Zeynep Kartal and Christophe Guillarme.

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xo Emma
A carefully curated selection of photography by Justin Personnaz and Getty Images 

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