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My absolute faves from Jo Malone! Treat your Mum to one of these and if you’re not the only child you’ll at least be the favourite one!




Cap: LANVIN, shop similar here

Jacket: CHANEL, shop similar here

T-Shirt: Vintage, shop similar here 

Skirt: Zara, shop similar here 

Fishnets: Topshop 

Boots: Louboutin, shop similar here 



You may have guessed already (snap, insta-stories and Instagram) that I’m into fishnets. The 90s-inspired look has made a major comeback and everyone from the Kardashians to bloggers have been gramming the trend! They won’t keep you warm but they WILL add a tough-girl edge to any look. I love layering them under ripped jeans and having the waist band peek just above.

Today, I wanted to make them more the focal point of my look and paired them with a black leather mini skirt. In true 90s-style I wore a vintage NIRVANA tee, let’s just ignore the fact I can only name ONE of their songs (Smells Like Teen Spirit). For a little warmth (little being the operative word here – still freezing but you know.. fashun!) I wore my cropped Chanel jacket.


Well, if you’re feeling confident and want to add a little SASS, it’s the way to go! The fishnets I wore are red and I think having that colour makes the look more playful and less serious than a traditional black pair.


I wore this outfit to an event at one of my favourite fragrance stores in London – Jo Malone where I picked up a very special mother’s day present: A beautiful bespoke perfume encased by gorgeous flowers all in one box! I remember the times I would sneak into my mum’s bathroom to steal some of her Dolce & Gabbana ‘Light Blue’ perfume before a night on the town with friends – Well mum, I thought it was about time I make it up to you with a perfume of your own!
Speaking of mums, I caught up with my lovely friend and talented photographer Rebecca Botin who is now a mum-to-be herself! Being the superwoman she is – carrying around not only her sony (A7S II) but also a developing human being, she snapped some pics of my lewk!

I’d love to hear what your plans are for Mother’s day and what gift ideas you have, let me know in the comments below so we can all discuss. Also if you liked this post and want to see more outfits on the blog put a thumbs up in the comments and I will make it happen!

  • Such a cool and cute look for Spring! 🙂

    💋LA BIJOUX BELLA💋 | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks SO much Bella! I’m really getting into the Spring mood now! :)) Have a Happy Mother’s Day! x

  • Love this edgy look on you babe – you styled the fishnet trend so well! xx

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks so much babe! It was so great seeing you yesterday! Looking forward to catching up soon! xo

  • Realist Soul

    Refraining from debating/arguing will be my Mother’s Day gift. We do enough of that throughout the year. She’s extremely well educated but at the opposite end of the political spectrum and hardly malleable.
    This is not the year for a conventional gift. She’s retiring this year and moving out west with my dad. I have enough time to think of something out of the ordinary though.

    I don’t know if my opinion should be taken seriously because I think you look good in almost anything, but 👍🏽.

    • Emma Miller

      Haha! That would be the greatest gift – no arguments, agree to everything she says and yes she’s correct on every single subject matter – she can even tell the future! :p
      Hope you have a really lovely time – family is the best!
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Big Love xox

  • Nadiene

    Love your style. Thank you also for your tips yesterday. XxX @justnadiene

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks SO much Nadiene! So happy you enjoyed the talk – Hope to catch up soon with you! xoxo

  • Rosie P

    I remember my teen fishnet days! it’s a cool look 👍🏻 As a Mother’s Day pressie, I took my mum to see An American in Paris in the theatre. Experiences rather than actual gifts is a good option if stuck for ideas!☺️ (Instagram @ZohrasRose –

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Rosie! Yes I remember too! That’s such a lovely Mother’s day idea – experiences are the best for sure!! Thanks for reading and commenting – I will check out your blog now! :)) xo

  • I love how you’ve styled this outfit! I’m loving fishnets at the moment, they look so good under ripped jeans x

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks so much Emma! Great name btw 😉
      So happy you like the way I styled it – I think the combo would look great on you too 🙂
      Thanks for checking out my post and commenting – I will check your blog out now! xx

  • jade

    Oh Emma! Your style is always so incredible. This look is right up my alley girly with a rock and roll edge. Not only is that gorgeous Chanel jacket to die for, but I might have to steal that killer vintage band tee

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Filipa! Thanks so much babe for checking out my post! Need to catch up on yours – will binge read tonight!! Happy you like the look gorgeous!! xx

  • Wendy

    I’ve been wearing fishnets again for awhile and loving it. I wore black fishnets with denim shorts, leather biker jacket and ankle boots today and felt totally hot! And my bf was crazy about them LOL!

    • Emma Miller

      Yasss girl!!! Go YOU!! You should upload a pic here ;))
      I’m sure he was :p xx