Beverly Hills, L.A.
February 27, 2015

Why Denim Would Make The Perfect Man

So you’re favourite pair of jean cutoffs won’t buy you takeout when you have a case of girl flu, or flowers, just because, but still, here’s why denim would actually make the ideal guy:

Denim is…

RELIABLE: Denim can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down
STAIN RESISTANT: easy to clean, denim won’t remind you of your mistakes – unless it’s ink. If it’s ink, you have crossed a line.
LOW-MAINTENANCE: Denim doesn’t need looking after. If denim were a man, he would probably be the quiet, brooding type. Like Ryan Gosling in Drive.
STRONG: denim isn’t needy, and if you decide to switch it up one night and go with another look: “babe, it’s cool. You do you. I’ll be waiting.”
AGES WELL: denim won’t do a 180° on you, when they hit middle age.
FIRST TO FLATTER: there’s a style for every shape, size and age. From the waist whittling, leg lengthening high rise, to the shape balancing flare, denim will always be the first to flatter.
HUGS YOU IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES – ew. (But seriously, shape wear denim is a god send.)

Now look at me, wearing this super cute denim playsuit as if it weren’t even winter. I said goodbye to seasonal dressing when I moved to LA and I’m not looking back.









Taking the wild west as my inspiration I added my suede bag with fringing detail, and added an old pair of low-top Converse to finish my look. YEE-HAAWW!

Denim romper by STELLA MCCARTNEY
Handbag by GUCCI
Sunglasses by DIOR
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