September 3, 2014

Beauty Review: Rodial Dragon’s Blood

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hands Emma Miller Beauty Review

We all need a little fantasy in our lives, so in this week’s beauty review I decided to try a range of products from Rodial with a very special component: Dragon’s Blood. Despite sharing a name with a mythical beast, it’s also a fabulous skincare ingredient drawn from tree sap known to plump skin and refresh a tired complexion – perfect for those mornings when your eyes simply don’t want to open (and ideal for the upcoming and ever-exhausting New York Fashion Week!) Here’s my review:

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream – XXL Hydration Plumping Moisturiser

rodial night cream

The best mornings begin with a great night’s sleep to give skin time to replenish itself. However, sometimes I have to sacrifice these precious hours of slumber. Rodial’s Hyaluronic Night Cream helps make those bleary eyed mornings a little less bleary. As you sleep, the Dragon’s Blood calms and refreshes skin whilst the Retinol soaks into the skin to plump and even skin tone. Although I can’t vouch for the plumping, it did make my skin look noticeably smoother and brighter – exactly what I need after a late night!


Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel – Sub-zero De-puffing and Plumping Eye Gel

Rodial eye gel

If the night cream is simply not enough to save those tired eyes there’s the Sub-zero De-puffing & Plumping Eye Gel. One thing I liked about the product was the eye opening effect – they seemed to inject some life into my eyes and helped to plump the under eye area. I loved the cooling effect of the combination of Rose Water, Arnica and Dragon’s Blood – this is a great product to freshen your appearance the morning after the night before!


Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks – De-Puffing Bio-Cellulose Eye Masks

rodial eye masks

Although I may look silly eating my breakfast with pads under my eyes, for those days when nothing else cuts it to revitalise my skin the Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks allow me to give myself a little extra TLC whilst running around choosing outfits and reading through emails before a busy day. They also are a nice treat at the end of the week – soothing eyes to help me feel more awake. Quick tip: don’t be perturbed by a little tingling – it’s all part of the refreshing experience!

Whether you’re tired of hiding weary eyes with concealer or just in need of a little hydrating boost, these products get a thumbs up from me!

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