April 11, 2014

Festival Season – Do’s and Don’ts

Just in time for Coachella, we are letting you know the top 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Festival Season –

5. Do – lose the heels and the wedges – there’s a whole lot of walking to do and you don’t want to be responsible for your friends missing the main stage, while you care for your sorry-looking feet.

4. Don’t – wear your most expensive sunglasses – your new Linda Farrow frames may look fabulous but you’re bound to lose them dancing to Calvin Harris. Try this pale blue pair from TOPSHOP to complement your Indio desert glow.

TOPSHOP sunglasses


3. Do – reveal and conceal – from cutaways, cut-offs, crop tops and crotchet, there are limitless ways to both reveal and conceal this festival season – just remember not to expose more than what would make your mama proud.


2. Don’t – wear a headdress – it’s passé, if not just offensive. Instead, go for a floral headband, or better yet a wide brimmed hat. You’ll thank us later.



1. Do – ditch the makeup bag – leave it to BB cream with added SPF and a flick of mascara to keep you looking fresh in the heat.



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