April 20, 2017



Confession. My hair used to be a LOT shorter. In fact, it just wouldn’t grow past my shoulders. I tried everything from hair extensions to herbal tablets but alas, my pursuit for Rapunzel-esque hair was in vain (pun intended). So I decided to change tact, something I like to call: ‘Prevention not cure’ – totally unoriginal, but wholly effective!

Investing in some hero products for my hair, knowing how to style my hair using heated irons/curlers without damaging it and using regular masques has really helped my hair grow naturally.

Products I used:

GHD Heat Protectant

TIGI Root Boost Spray 

Shu Uemera Styling Cream

Shu Uemera Volume Maker

Brocato Shine Drops, shop similar here

I’d love to hear from you what products you love and that have really helped your hair grow healthy and shiny! Let me know in the comments below so we can all share and discuss!




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