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You know who I’m talking about. Those girls you follow on Instagram – you don’t know who they are or what they do, besides they spend an awful lot of time making cinnamon oatmeal, green juices and sharing daily mantras – all the while posting them to their social feeds from a myriad of exotic locations.

They travel constantly yet they have perfect skin and hair, incredible bikini bodies and they have the photos to prove it. So, how do they do it?


While I’m sure these girls aren’t short of time, money or a good dose of filter, here are 5 rules to perfecting the gypset appearance for yourself.

1. BUT FIRST, COFFEE –  Start your morning with a coffee. Better yet, make that a matcha chai latte. No, you won’t find a gypset girl at Starbucks, so it’s time to check out that new co-op coffee shop with the line out the door.


2. ON A WING & A PRAYER –  Every self-respecting gypset ‘grammer needs a photo of an airplane wing at sunset. No flights booked? No worries. You can always regram someone else’s…shh!

Model Emma Miller photographed by Robby Mueller for Gypset 6

3. DETOX – Nowadays every girl (and boy) is detoxing, so you have to be competitive. “Oh, you’re doing the 3-day juice detox? That’s so fun. I’m doing a 7-day cleanse, consisting of 2 simple meals of dust and air.

– make sure to buy detox tea too. No guarantees they’ll do anything they promise.

Model Emma Miller photographed by Robby Mueller for Gypset 4

4. FEEL BLESSED – a little false modesty goes a long way, and who better to thank for your charmed life – besides mom & dad – than an unspecified higher being, shining their light only on you.

Model Emma Miller photographed by Robby Mueller for Gypset

5. and finally, the one to remember: “your location tags are everything” @ Beverly Wilshire. 24 minutes ago

Model Emma Miller photographed by Robby Mueller for Gypset 3

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xo Emma




  • dramakween911

    LOL! Loved this post Emma! xD

    • Emma Miller

      Haha! Good to hear it! 🙂 xo EM

      • dramakween911

        Following you on Snapchat! Please make a post from your London trip!

        • Emma Miller

          Absolutely! Im snapchatting every hour 😉 Thanks for following and commenting! xxx

  • Hahah omg this post was too good to be true :’)
    We all know those girls, thanks for revealing their secrets 😉

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks, Janine! Glad you liked it. Nice site too! xo

  • Haha this post made me laugh! Life looks so perfect through an Instagram filter! x

    • Emma Miller

      Heheh, it does, doesn’t it?

  • Victoria

    This is hilarious! You’ve a new follower for this alone! 🙂 xo

  • Emily

    Haha, this is very funny! And accurate

  • James Tuttle

    Hilarious! Also I really dig that hat!