How I Train For A Marathon


So with less than two weeks to go until I run 26.2 miles (breaking a sweat just writing this) I wanted to share my training tips and advice on running a marathon. Maybe your goal isn’t to run a marathon (yet!) and you just want to get back into running and generally improving your fitness, well then, this video is also for you. Tying up those shoe laces and heading out your front door doesn’t require an expensive gym membership nor does it require a high level of skill (Take Phoebe from Friends or Forrest Gump for example) Just get out there, set your goals and stick to them!  Below you can find the recipe to my healthy and delicious Acai bowl, which is great pre/post work-out!

Let me know in the comments below what your goals are and what training your doing. Tweet @emmamilleruk with any of your training pictures or Acai bowl creations using #EMglow and I will be retweeting.

What I’m wearing:


Top by Topshop

Jeans by Misguided

Necklace Topshop shop similar here

Work out:

Jacket by Stella McCartney Adidas

Hoody by Stella McCartney

Leggings by Lululemon shop similar here

Top by Upside

Sports bra by Olympia Activewear

Trainers by Nike

To make the Acai bowl here’s what you’ll need:
1 NutriBullet blender
1/2 frozen chopped banana,
1 cup of frozen berries,
1 Tbsp of Acai Powder
1 Tbsp of Sunwarrior Vegan Protein Powder (Vanilla)
1 Tbsp of Almond Butter
1/2 glass of Almond Milk
Topping: Chia Seed, Coconut Shreds and Goji Berry mix
Video credit: Kyle Galvin

Music by Henri

I will be running the marathon along with the @KX_Life team in aid of the incredible NSPCC charity:

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  • Mark

    Great Video Emma! I kinda did the same, ran but with no goal, once I had my half marathon goal (I didn’t dream as big as a full marathon) the training then became serious! You have a perfect training regime, it’s obviously working and if anyone’s thinking of taking up running that’s a great regime to follow. Can’t go wrong with that. Good luck for VLM and keep up the great work! xx

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Mark! Well done on the half marathon! Way to go! 🙂 I’m happy you like my training regime! What did you do different with your training? Thanks for all the support! xx

      • Mark

        Hey Emma! Thank you, the last two miles were tough because I didn’t eat properly but already I want to do another! I guess that’s the running bug talking 🙂 You’re regime is better than mine was, the only difference was doing some hill training (you might already do that?) because the route in Colchester has a couple of hills, one short and steep, one not as steep but goes on for a couple of miles 🙁 I will sky plus the marathon and see if I can spot you! Good luck, I’m already proud for you, you’re going to do great trust me. You’re training will see you all the way just be sure not to get too excited at the start so pace yourself. Maybe Snapchat the finish line?! Look forward to hearing from you afterwards xx

  • Franceska Azizi

    I love your blogs so much – so simple yet so in detail and handy for everyday situations! I’m getting back into the gym could you do a blog on what to eat before and after gym session plsssss

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Francesca Azizi! So kind of you to say! I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed reading my blog 🙂 Thats great news that you’re getting back into the gym! Go you! I will definitely do a blog post/video of what I eat before and after so you can get an idea of the right food to help fuel your workouts and help with recovery! Stay tuned also on my snapchat: emmamilleruk as I often share on there what I’m having before or after a workout! xoxo

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  • King

    Hi darling
    As always it was so helpful and perfect
    Thanks for sharing it
    You are the best