WATCH: It’s My Birthday And I’ll Film If I Want To!

There should be exceptions made for every birthday girl right? WRONG! Well, I couldn’t let you guys down and so with a little bending of the rules I managed to make this vlog!

If you were watching my snapchat you’ll know I was struggling to think of how to throw a fun birthday party. The weather was pretty dire in London and so I asked my lovely cab driver for ideas:

Me: ‘What are the chances it will rain this weekend?’

Cab driver: ‘100pc’

Me: ‘Right. Well, What do you think I should do for my birthday?’

Cab driver: ‘Throw a pool party’

Laughing it off at first, he began describing the scene and in my head I started conjuring up this incredible pool party with all my friends.

Cab driver: ‘You’ll need good music, lots of drinks, food and people’

This got me thinking, ‘Where in London could I find a huge pool indoor and outdoor (heated of course ;)) that we could have to ourselves?’ Quite the challenge but I’m no quitter! By the next day I’d found the perfect location and sent out all my invites. To my surprise (it was father’s day and quite far from London) most of my friends said YES!
Only two problems:

1. The location is exclusive to members only. Not a single one of us (20 in total) were members. This meant running the risk of being thrown out and my party plans coming to an abrupt end. Just imagine the embarrassment for a second.

2. There was a strict ‘NO PHOTOS, VIDEO OR SOCIAL MEDIA’ policy?! Yikes! As a blogger and YouTuber this is akin to opening a pack of Starburst only to find out they’re all yellow and there’s NO pink/red ones!

I won’t give away the rest of the story as you’ll have to watch the video and find out. But its safe to say: Rules are there to be broken and this Ipanema girl with her inflatable pink Flamingo has no intention of growing up anytime soon!

Have you got a birthday coming up or helping plan a friends? How are you planning to celebrate? Also let me know if you liked this vlog in the comments! If you leave your instagram handle I will be following/liking and commenting on your posts!

What I’m wearing

In the car:

Striped bodysuit by Topshop

Red suede wrap choker by Rock & Rose

Denim shorts by Topshop

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Birthday dress:

Striped linen dress by Joanna Ortiz Shop dupe here

Heels by Givenchy shop similar here

Bag by ASOS

Hand harness by Astrid & Miyu shop similar here

Ring by Arme de L’Amour shop similar here

Earrings from Jennifer Fisher, shop similar here


IPANEMA GIRL by Adriana Degreas

Heading home:

Denim Jacket by Alexander Wang, shop similar here

Next day:

White T-shirt by Topshop

Friends ft. in the Video:

Sofia Resing

Pamela Llimas

Natasha Ngan

Dasha and Yulia Pashevkina

Evan Edinger

Bradley Simmonds

Rebecca Botin

Mike Miller

John Bradley West

Sid Glover

Joey Jones

Hannah Coorg

Irina Ostrokhova

Laura Kent

Anaelle Claudet

  • Susanne Benner

    Wow, I am extremely impressed by the tremendous amount of effort and love you put in every single post…selecting the right images/videos and complementing them not only with details regarding your actual outfit but also with alternative and mostly more affordable options your reader can choose from…that must be very time consuming – thumps up to the power of ten!

    • Emma Miller

      Aww thanks Susanne! Its so lovely that you recognise the work that goes into it- it really is a labour of love! Receiving comments like this really make it all the more worthwhile! If I can find a dupe I always like to add that in because who wouldn’t want to go for the cheaper option?! πŸ˜› Thanks for all the support it means a lot! xoxo

  • Mark

    Can’t see the link to buy inflatable flamingos…?? Such fun Emma I’m glad you had a brilliant time, don’t forget me next year! ? I think you need to do a video on how you manage to cram in so much travelling, shoots, vlogs etc. I don’t know how you do it?! Always entertaining, well thought out and put together. You get a gold star Emma ??

    • Emma Miller

      You’re so right! I only just thought about the this evening when in the gym! Apparently they are now sold out in Selfridges and theres a huge wait list! πŸ˜€ Well I don’t know how I manage it either πŸ˜‰ One things for sure- theres never a moment wasted! I just wish we had more hours in the day!! Thanks for the gold star will work harder for platinum next time :))

  • Lizzie Eady

    Loved the party! You went through so much effort, and it definitely paid off in the end! Helping to plan a friend’s birthday, so may have to take some inspiration from you, although hopefully without the sneaking of photography! If you can’t break a few rules on your birthday when can you!? Looking forward to your next video as always!
    Instagram is lizzieeady ☺️ Xx

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Lizzy! I’ve missed reading your comments! Where have you been? ;D It really did somehow all come together beautifully and I got to relax and enjoy! That sounds fun! Are you going to make a cake? I’m going to get cracking with the editing of my next video ASAP for you! Gnight xoxo

      • Lizzie Eady

        Unfortunately had to spend time away from my phone, but I’m back! I have so many videos to catch up on, but I’m sure they are all top quality as always. Definitely!! I’m thinking chocolate – you can never go wrong with chocolate. Thank you! Have a good day xoxo

        • Emma Miller

          Oooh good choice! Gluten free, dairy free? :p Glad you’re back!! Excited to read your feedback on my other blog posts and youtube videos oh and of course on my instagram which I update every day! Thanks Lizzie!! xx

          • Lizzie Eady

            I’m going to see if I can get away with doing a gluten free cake – probably going to be a challenge though, she loves her cake! Definitely! I have a lot of catching up to do.
            Anytime Emma!! Xx

  • Arlene Burns

    Video is amazing and so much effort put in hope you all had a fantastic time. Shall I call on the Miller duo yourself and Mike for ideas for my wedding, its okay you have time another 2 years at least. We like the Garden Ceremony idea but remember its Scotland so undercover at the ready πŸ™‚ xxxxx

    • Emma Miller

      Hey beautiful! Thanks so much – I’m so happy you enjoyed watching this video :))
      Haha yessss!! When’s the big day for you and Chris? Oooh I can’t wait to see pics from a garden ceremony I think thats a fabulous idea!! πŸ™‚ xx

  • tansblog

    omg emma it looked like such a magical place so naughty taking pictures but it was your birthday you had too for memories, lol. It always such a beautiful thing to go somewhere different for your birthday and with close friends and sibling aka mikey hehe. Those flamingos are so funny one of my birthdays i did a flamingo themed so cool though we didn’t have a pool had a blast though. once again amazing editing.

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Babe!! Haha yes I do admit I was a lil naughty but for a very good reason! Ha! Your birthday must have been so cool! Send me pics- would love to see! Thanks for always supporting on Insta, blog and Youtube I always see and reply to your comments you’re the best! xx

  • Alexandra Edney

    wow it looks like such a magical place! I can understand a ban on taking loads of pictures of celebrities etc… But it was your special day! Of course your going to want snaps of it… I loved the sneaking around haha, it’s no fun to always play by the rules! hope you enjoyed your special day it looked fantastic xxxx

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Alexandra!! Gorgeous profile pic :))
      Haha I’m happy you take my side in this πŸ˜‰ Yes it definitely made it more of an adventure trying not get caught! Thanks for watching and commenting babe – it means a lot! xoxo

  • Sam Martin.

    You are one of the most down to earth celebrities I’ve ever known, the fact you take the time to actually reply to your fans is such an amazing quality ? You are absolutely gorgeous and such a role model to girls. I’d love to meet you and take a few selfies and pictures with you ?? Carry on the good work you do ?

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Sam!! I’m not sure how I missed this! I always reply because I’m so happy when you guys take the time to watch and comment – it makes my day!! Thank you so much for your kind words – it would be great to do a meet up and take some pics together πŸ™‚ Would love to meet all you guys soon! Thanks for all the support Sam! Big love xoxo

      • Sam Martin.

        I can’t believe how long it took you.. 4 ‘month Emma 😩I’m glad it makes you happy. You don’t need to thank make at all… it would be amazing as you took so long to reply can you comment some pictures on my Instagram and also add me on snap chat: sammartin7051 😊 Thank you ❀️

        • Sam Martin.

          Also it’s my 23rd birthday on the 17th of December… if you could post me a video saying happy 23rd birthday sam Martin it would be the best birthday present ever 😊

  • Caroline

    Hey Emma! I am spending a few months in the south of Spain to help some kids learn English and was wondering if you had any tips on how to help make up last in the heat and humidity that you might have learnt from photo shoots or in hot countries or maybe make up artists advice? I feel like after an hour there was literally no point in putting any on in the first place haha. But it is nice to have a little something on that looks natural ?. Any tips would be great. I’m from Scotland so not used to this heat! Thanks in advance xxx

    • Emma Miller

      Hi Caroline! That SO cool! I would say to use a setting spray over your make up to make it last! But if you’re in a hot climate and get a little tan then it might be nice just to wear some mascara and lip balm! It will give a dewy and fresh look! Let me know how you get on! Big chance from Scotland! Also apologies that my reply didn’t seem to go through this time- I promise for more speedy responses in future! Loads of love xoxox