December 18, 2014

I Love You Like XO

Emma Miller photographed by Catherine Harbour - photoshoot

So it’s been a few years since I last shot with Catherine Harbour – which would make me feel quite old if I didn’t remember we were both quite new to the industry the first time round! – and so I was super excited to work together again! Catherine has great energy on set and it really keeps me motivated, she’s also super quick in getting the shot, which for any model is a huge plus!

On the cold winter day of the shoot I was happy to discover we would be working in the studio, and fortunately it was warm! When you have to prance around most of the day half-naked it can get quite chilly!

It was my first time working with the very talented James Butterfield, who did my make-up and hair for the different looks. Starting off with quite a fresh and simple look, James gradually built up towards darker, smokey eyes, while keeping the lip natural. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and a strong, defined eye happens to be one of my favourite beauty looks.

Liza Jugolainen was styling and she went for a mix of smart tailoring and relaxed oversized knits – there was one by Chloe, which I adored!!

With so many looks to shoot I didn’t take a break- but then again I didnt feel I wanted to; with the music on and a fan in my face, I felt fantastic and on a roll!

Some models love to snack on set, and at any other time, I’m the same. But with all the energy and excitement in the studio I lost my appetite and ended up gulping down cups of green tea for breakfast. Only when I finished on set did my appetite return, and I finally wolfed down something more substantial.

After a long day in heels nothing felt better than my slipping on my snug Isabel Marant trainers and a cosy cashmere jumper. I do love that moment when I wipe off all the make up and I’m back to being me again…as much as I enjoy feeling like a superstar for the day, I’m happy to be the slightly shorter, more plain, simple girl at the end of it…until next time that is 😉

That’s a wrap on one of my favourite shoots of 2014! I’m looking forward to many more in 2015 and to working with equally talented creative people!

xo Emma


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