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January 25, 2015

Meeting the Parents

Emma Miller, model and fashion blogger - Meeting the Parents - photographed by Ben Tsui

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about relationship milestones and there’s none more significant than the first to decide if you and your partner have a future: meeting the parents. So for any of my readers that might be prepping for the occasion, here’s my failsafe guide to what to wear and what to say:

Appearance is key: always err on the side of caution, and if it’s a weekend brunch that’s planned I recommend you change out of last night’s makeup before you arrive. Smoked salmon served with a side of smokey eye is not an appetising starter!

Parent-proof your look: make sure your clothes aren’t too skimpy but still show off your gym-honed bod. That way you won’t threaten mom, (but you might still win over dad!) Yes to knee-skimming dresses, silk blouses and pleated skirts. Leave the hot red dress at home and pick out some pale hues instead. Luckily for you, pastels are set to be a key trend for SS15.

Divide and conquer: a married couple can seem quite a formidable team at first but divide them and you can win them over. Moms require praising: compliment her home, her cooking and her son. And dad? He just wants to know he’s still visible.

Pitch in: while you don’t want to ruin your new manicure, you do want to appear less than useless. Offer to help set the table or clear it, but I recommend you scope the kitchen for a dishwasher before you offer to help with the washing up 😉

Gifts: if you want to make an impression, always bring a gift. Nothing too expensive, but a bouquet of flowers will go a long way and potentially make up for any indiscretions that might occur while you’re there…Low maintenance you may not be but let no one say you aren’t thoughtful 😉

Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments below and share some of your experiences meeting the parents!


Cardigan by CARVEN
Boucle Tweed mini dress by MOSCHINO
Metallic shoes by STELLA MCCARTNEY




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