December 7, 2013

Miami Diary

Good Morning, Miami!

Having spent all day yesterday settling in to my apartment, it’s time to check-in and catch up with my bookers at Next.

After a light breakfast, and my morning workout – which you can catch on instagram: @emmamilleruk – I headed down to South Beach.

You can always count on good weather to put me in a good mood and yesterday was beautiful! ☀️

Emma in cab

Usually, 24 hours after a long haul flight, I’m not feeling quite camera ready, as the journey tends to play havoc on my skin, and my energy levels. Fortunately I recently discovered this great product from NARS that keeps my skin hydrated and clarified!

NARS – Multi Action Hydrating Toner

NARS – Multi Action Hydrating Toner

Another top tip I use is to avoid drinking alcohol or coffee on the flight, both of which are dehydrating. Instead, drink plenty of water and cold-pressed green juices; the chlorophyll acts to oxygenate the blood and the results really show in your skin. Plus, they leave me feeling more energised than any espresso! 😉


Ron Gerard, the fabulous head booker at Next, loved my shoes and so do I! I don’t usually wear heels during the day but they are a great confidence booster and when the shoes are this hot, it’s hard to leave them in the closet! This pair is from Alaïa, one of my favourite labels.


After a long day I was off to pick-up my little brother, and on to Juvia at 1111 Lincoln Road, where the views are as good as the food!


The sky was on fire last night and credit to my brother (@mjosephmiller) for this shot.


Tomorrow Art Basel begins and I can’t wait to check out the preview!

Until next time!


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