Midtown Dreaming with Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari is one of New York’s foremost contemporary womenswear designers, so when I received the call asking if I would attend their SS16 show in NYC as their exclusive social influencer, I jumped at the opportunity. While I’d been planning to attend NYFW for some time, Elie Tahari was earlier than any of my other shows and I had only a few days to prepare.

Running on adrenaline, I landed at JFK on the Friday morning – two days before the show. Equal parts exhausted and excited, I had just three hours to reach my hotel, freshen up and head out for my fitting at the Elie Tahari SoHo store.


Having been invited to pick out any outfit to wear to the show, I immediately fell in love with the colourful pieces, from the forest greens to the royal blues. In particular, the tasselled skirts in rich tones were among some of my favourite pieces, however, in the end, I chose something a little more unusual for me. Matching a black, layered waistcoat with an asymmetric, wrap over skirt from the brand’s AW collection, I added a pop of colour with my Malone Soulier hot pink shoes and this bralet, which – considering it’s pink and shimmery – I don’t wear half as much as I should.

I accessorised with rose gold jewellery from one of my favourite brands, Arme De L’amour – listen up boys and girls, if you ever need to apologise to a loved one, do it with Arme De L’Amour 😉  – and a Charlotte Olympia spider clutch.

Emma Miller in Elie Tahari and Malone Souliers - 2

Emma Miller in Elie Tahari and Malone Souliers

Emma Miller in Elie Tahari and Malone Souliers-3

Emma Miller in Elie Tahari - 4

Emma Miller in Elie Tahari and Malone Souliers - 5

The following day, I was invited to the brand’s bustling midtown Manhattan headquarters for a tour of the studios. By this time I’d changed into something more off-duty, and I was caught off guard when I realised I’d not only been scheduled for a tour, but also to sit in on some last minute castings! Having been in the models’ shoes myself, it was interesting to be on the other side of the table, studying their faces and their walk for the je ne sais quois that would best represent the Elie Tahari brand.

While being shown around the studio, the collections and the expansive sewing rooms, we were joined by Mr. Tahari himself, popping in to say hi and check all the arrangements for the show were going to plan.

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-1-2


Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-1-3

Where the magic happens…

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-3

VP of Communications Scott Currie introducing me to the man himself, Elie Tahari!

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-2-2

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-4-2

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-5-2

Pattern samples

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-6-2

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-9

A cutting room with a view!

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-17

Under construction: the Elie Tahari show space

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-22

Show time: the show space packed with guests and press

Emma Miller - BTS at Elie Tahari NYFW-24

In love with the lace maxi skirts

On Sunday afternoon, I returned to the brand’s midtown location for the presentation. Sipping on green juices and champagne, we watched as the designs were brought to life in the beautifully produced show. The Spring Summer ’16 designs were a slight departure from the brand’s traditionally formal aesthetic with bohemian lace, sheer skirts and pleated fabrics being the most notable elements presented in the futuristic, desert-themed surrounds.

I absolutely loved the designs and looking back at the photos now, I’m already dreaming of where I can wear them when spring returns.

You can see more of the designs and a full write up from Vogue Runway here. For more of my NYFW posts, make sure to read the related posts below!

  • Emma Miller

    Yes, it was!! I’ve never been immersed in the preparations for a collection before; to see the cutting rooms, the mood boards and the sewing rooms was fascinating! ❤️

  • sonia

    Absolutely loved the post! What an incredible experience!
    What was your favourite part of the visit?

    • Emma Miller

      Hi Sonia, thanks for all your comments!! I’d say the show itself because it was great to see all the hard work I’d seen the days previous come together!! ❤️❤️ Have you been to NYC? xo

      • sonia

        Yes! I L❤️VE NYC! Such an incredible vibe! Do you have any other trips planned? Would love to hear about your tips and favourite places to visit! xo

  • fashionjunkie101

    I love the post, I am very glad you started posting more pictures of your travels! I think Elie Tahari is such a cool brand, it really should get more recognition in UK! Have you been working with Elie Tahari in the past? What other brands you collaborate with at the moment?

  • Dan Huntley-Taylor

    I feel it’s important to both dress well and have the attitude to match, Emma is an undoubtedly beautiful woman and her style and impact on places such as NY and LDN just recently show how much of a stylish icon you’ll she’ll become, I look forward to seeing more beautiful shots of a beautiful person in beautiful places in the near future

    Kind regards

    Dan Huntley-Taylor X

    • Emma Miller

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a sweet comment, Dan!! Very sweet and really appreciated! ❤️