Watch: My Monday Morning Routine

Good morning and a big HELLO to my new subscribers! It’s 7 am here in London and while I’m still feeling a little groggy after the weekend at least I’m waking up to a healthy shake and a run to kickstart the week. Watch My Monday Morning Routine in the video below and let me know your tips for waking up on the right side of bed!



Day Look:

Lace top by TOPSHOP
Camel skirt by CELINE (vintage). Shop similar.
Camel coat by TOPSHOP. Sold out. Shop similar.
Boots by ALAIA (vintage) Shop similar.
Faux Shearling Crossbody bag by & Other Stories


  • Arlene Burns

    Fantastic video Emma. When I have more time and not at work during the day I tend to workout early morning then head back home and pamper a little in the shower even if I have classes to teach later. Keep up the good work sweetie 🙂 xxx

    • Emma Miller

      Hi Arlene!

      Thanks so much! I agree morning workouts are the best! They set you up for the day, making you feel fresh and ready to take on the day’s challenges! Happy you’re enjoying watching the videos! Stay tuned for new and exciting ones coming up! xoxo

  • fashionjunkie101

    This is my favourite of your videos so far! (well, I still love the sibling tag, so funny!) The way it’s been filmed is very creative, do you have a new videographer?

    • Emma Miller

      Hey Fashionjunkie101

      Thanks so much for the feedback!

      I have to admit I had some help making this video and it did take longer than my previous ones but the hard work really paid off! It was a team effort and I’m really lucky that I have my bro – who is nothing short of a creative genius, to help me out! 😉
      Hopefully we will get to make some more together and produce some really cool videos from upcoming travels/work trips!

      • fashionjunkie101

        Really looking forward to see them! 🙂

  • King

    I’ve watched this beautiful video before , i mean in your YouTube Channel
    it’s so beautiful and amazing
    love you

    • Emma Miller

      Thank you SO much!! Happy you’re enjoying my videos :))