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February 11, 2016

My Top Tips for Instagram Success – Part 2

My previous post on upping your Instagram game focused on the apps I use to take the perfect photo and I received some really good feedback from you guys, so I thought I would make a follow-up, which I’ve rather imaginatively named ‘My Top Tips for Instagram Success – Part 2.’


My first Instagram was a grainy selfie with my friend at a gig in Hyde Park and I think its safe to say things have progressed a whole lot since then. While I’m by no means an expert, with over 1700 posts on the platform, I’ve tried and tested what works to maximise your engagement and grow your following and below I’m going to share my top tips.

number 1

Mix it up: while selfies often receive the highest engagement, posting too many will turn your followers off. Instead give people an insight into what your interests are, whether its fashion, food or fitness for example and share the highlights from your day, from sun washed moments on the beach to sleepovers with friends.

number 2

Take photos at different distances to add variety to your gallery, showcase your surroundings and prevent your content from looking static. Make sure to leave some negative space in your pictures otherwise your gallery can look overwhelming.

number 3

When composing a photo, aim for either symmetry or the rule of thirds. The rule states that a photo is best composed when the main features of the image intersect with the horizontal and vertical lines of the frame when it is divided into thirds.

number 4

Be original. Don’t use content that belongs to someone else unless you credit them, otherwise you risk losing your credibility.

number 5

Timing is everything. It’s important to post your pictures when they’ll be seen and to do that you need to put yourself in your followers’ shoes and ask, when do you spend the most time looking through your feed? For me, it’s in the morning either before I get out of bed or while I’m eating my breakfast.

number 6

Content is key. Think about what you would like to see at certain times of day. In the mornings for instance, I like to see photos that motivate me to start my day on a positive note, whether that’s photos of a picture perfect coffee or a friend in their workout gear.

number 7

Use a consistent filter, so your pictures don’t clash in the gallery. To take this a step further, pay attention to the colours in your previous post and aim to pick out colours in your next picture to complement them, this will make the overall look of your gallery much more visually appealing.

number 8

Be spontaneous. The platform is called insta-gram for a reason and I think it’s important to keep an element of spontaneity in your profile and not stress about the getting the perfect picture every time, often it’s the ones that were caught ‘in the moment’ that are actually most engaging.

If you’re in need of some pictorial inspiration before you get started, why not check out my top travel bloggers to follow on Instagram, here.

xo EM

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