December 21, 2015

My Top Tips for Instagram Success

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which, if my Instagram is anything to go by, means I’m a pretty prodigious wordsmith. With 1679 posts to date, that’s almost 1.7M words, roughly twice as many as Shakespeare. Don’t worry, mom. I’m always here to make you proud!

But before a picture makes it to Instagram there’s a few apps I like to use to improve it. Here are my top tips for Instagram success!
number 1VSCOcam – I love the variety of filters on VSCOcam but my favourites are E1 or HB1. I’ve also just discovered the in-app camera is a lot more powerful that the ordinary iPhone Camera app, so I’m experimenting with that.

My first Instagram, way back in 2012 was a selfie…no surprises here!

number 2
FaceTune – smooth skin, brighten and define eyes. FaceTune is controversial as it’s very easy to get carried away in attempt to hide our insecurities. However, with a little user discretion and practice, it can be a quick fix for minor flaws. Watch out for those hyper smooth, doll-like selfies that some people like to post – we’ll mention no names!
Emma Miller, Mike Miller, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Szhor, Jessica Stam and Kellan Lutz
number 3
Snapseed – add structure to cityscapes, push colours and recover areas that have been overexposed. The “Repair” tool can also be used to remove blemishes or small distracting objects that have been captured in the frame.
number 4Instagram. My favourite filters are Aden and Valencia. I play around with Lux, Fade, Highlight, Shadows and sometimes use a light Vignette to polish a final picture.

Hold down the shutter on the Camera app to catch a moment in action!

And for everything in between? There’s Snapchat!

If you follow me there already, you’ll know I can rack up a lot of snaps in a 24 hour story, keeping you up to date with everything I’m up to, who I’m with and what we’re doing! For the uninitiated, expect to get an unfiltered view of everything from my morning beauty routine to backstage at Fashion Week and find out why Guest of a Guest named me One of Nine Fashionistas to Follow on Snapchat!

What are your favourite filters for Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

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