January 8, 2014

New Year Beauty Tips

After a hectic few weeks of parties and travelling, it’s no surprise my skin and hair have seen better days but as I return to work it’s time to get my beauty regime back on track, and fast!

Here are my tips and tricks for those suffering for their sins 😉

1. Refresh:

To combat blotchy and tired looking skin it’s no good reaching for a quick fix with make up. Your skin is your canvas so it should be your priority.

To minimise enlarged pores and reduce puffiness, Kate Moss recommends putting your face in a sink of icy cold water. However, if you feel understandably less-than-brave the morning after-the-night before, try putting some damp flannels in the fridge overnight and use them on your face in the morning instead. It will tighten your skin leaving you not only feeling but appearing more refreshed.

And if you have the luxury of a little more time, a face mask is a great idea. I like to use SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque!

2. Revive:

A combination of late nights, caffeine and alcohol have probably left your eyes looking red and tired. I recommend using a cooling eye gel like this one from Keihl’s to reduce any puffiness around the eye, before using eye drops – one of my most essential beauty items – to minimise the redness. I wouldn’t recommend using them everyday, but they are a life saver when in need! Keep it in your handbag to use on-the-go.

Tip: If you don’t like using drops, there is a handy spray version now available at Boots 🙂

3. Next up, hydrate!

In order to get that bright fresh look, your skin needs to be well hydrated. Many people, myself included, suffer from dehydrated skin. It’s not dry but it lacks enough moisture for a healthy glow. The best way to tackle this is by drinking more water, it’s not rocket science but it’s easily forgotten.

Tip: You can test whether your skin is dehydrated by pressing your index finger against your cheek in the mirror. If it doesn’t bounce back immediately you could be dehydrated.

4. Conceal & Highlight:

It’s time to give your skin the chance to breath, so try using a tinted moisturiser for light coverage instead of a heavy foundation. Tip: For a little blush and colour try using a Cream Blush from Laura Mercier or a Cheek Stain from Benefit – you can use this on your lips too for a rosy look!

For under my eyes, I like to dab a little creamy concealer from Nars to cover any dark patches. I avoid using a stick concealer as this has a drying effect. To finish I apply Touché Éclat over the top for a little illumination, a hint under the brow helps too!

Tip: Try using a nude colour liner along the bottom eyelid rather than white for a more natural, wide-eyed appearance, it also helps minimise any redness in the eye!

5. Brows:

Everybody knows eyebrows frame the face but when cared for correctly they can also help you appear wide awake, even when you are anything but! 😉

I like to use the Clear Brow Set from Mac to fill in any gaps, and I brush the hairs up and out to achieve that wide-eyed and bushy tailed look championed by model of the moment, Cara Delevingne.

6. To Finish:

Use a lash curler to open up your eyes before adding a lick – not a coating! – of mascara.

This fresh-faced, natural look will help you fly under the radar with your boss, taking you from day-to-night with minimal effort and maximum coworker envy! 😉


xoxo Emma

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