December 28, 2014

New Year, Same Old Me

Emma Miller - model and fashion blogger - Beauty gif

Emma Miller - model and fashion blogger - Beauty gif

New Years Resolutions are just like those throwaway plans we make for coffee, sometime soon? with that old friend that you can’t quite remember where you met; well-intentioned, sure, but never going to happen. OK, so sometimes they happen, but looking back at New Years past, I can’t say I feel any happier having succeeded at some resolutions, and indubitably failed at others.

Lose weight. Gain weight. Get fit. Find love. Make amends, and so on.

My take away?

My priorities over the years have clearly changed and with that in mind, here is a list of resolutions that I will NOT be making for 2015.

Make this year better than the last.
This iconic, catch-all New Years toast is one sure fire way to a year of disappointment and misery. In it’s very utterance you admit to having the same regrets, which you’ve promised each year never to have again, since circa 2005. You’ve tried to stay away from the bad boys. You’ve tried to refrain from texting while drunk. And you’ve tried to be a better, more grateful friend to those left to pick up the pieces.

…which leads me to: Find Love
They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince, but why do you have to do all the work? When you’re independent, and happy to be so, that’s when you’ll find a match (and I’m not talking about on Tinder.)

Lose Weight

I won’t deny that I feel as much pressure now as I did 5 years ago to be a skinnier, lighter version of myself, but this year I won’t be putting it on my list of New Year’s Resolutions. Why?

Besides the obvious, eating well and working out, there really isn’t much else you need to do to be your confident, healthy self.

Sometimes we need a little reminder there’s a lot more to us than the circumference of our waist, or the inch to pinch above our hips. Fad diets and calorie counting won’t actually bring us closer to real goals: good health, happiness and success at work.

Stay in touch.

This one may seem at odds with a positive New Year outlook, but I assure you it’s not. As happy as it makes me to reconnect with old friends, there are certain people in your past that are there for good reason. Just cut them loose and keep moving forward. Time can be better spent with those who never left your side.

On that note, here’s to being the same old me in 2015!

…Now to find a New Years Outfit. The criteria? Metallic, reflective and at least 90% sparkle.

xo Emma

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