November 29, 2014

Style Focus: For Love & Lemons

Emma Miller - Style Focus: For Love & Lemons - Jena Malone

Being surrounded by effortlessly cool clothes and lingerie and working with your BFF everyday – sound too good to be true? Think again, as this is the sweet setup that founders of fashion brand For Love and Lemons get to enjoy every time they go into their LA offices. I first heard of the brand through Instagram – where their Peonies Bralet had me (and many more followers, I’m sure) swooning.

A collaboration with a Hunger Games actress, the launch of a Free People collection and a hashtag (#downtoyourskivvies) later, I spoke to the founders, Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall, about all things For Love & Lemons.

Emma Miller Style Focus For Love & Lemons Jena Malone

The founders: Laura Hall and Gillian Mahin with Hunger Games actress Jena Malone (center)

Hello! Talk me through the origins of For Love & Lemons?

Laura: The brand is rooted in friendship and travel. We met as children in Jackson Hole, WY and have been inseparable ever since. We had our first taste of entrepreneurship with our famous lemonade stands. Later, our friendship took us to the other side of the world where we interned with fashion houses in Sydney, Australia. Although Gillian designed her first dress at age 5, the trip down under was the spark we need to start For Love & Lemons.

What’s it like working with your best friend?

Gillian: I am the head designer/creative director for the brand, but Laura and I have a collective vision. She has a lot of yes & no contribution to designing and I actually put pen to paper and sketch. It is a great system we have and works because of our strong, shared vision. We are left and right brains and that is how we run our business.

Emma Miller Style Focus For Love & Lemons

What appealed to you about lingerie?

Laura: We love the way lingerie makes a women feel! Even if she is just dancing around her bedroom, lingerie makes her feel confident.

Making lingerie wearable for the day is a hard task – how did you achieve this?

Laura: We wanted to create pieces that contour the body and flatter women’s body shapes. Also, lingerie is the best accessory to any outfit! We aim to create pieces that are meant to be shown and seen.

What is your design process?

Gillian: We start with a concept – anything from a location, to model or even an evening cocktail! We than start sourcing textiles and trims, creating mood boards and even designing custom textiles. We then figure out what we would want to wear in that location, or what that certain model would wear, and start producing samples!

You recently collaborated with the Hunger Games’ Jena Malone and her band on the ‘Flower Hopes’ – how did this come about?

Laura: We met Jena this past March when we dressed her for Coachella. We have admired Jena’s talent for so long, so once we met and got to talking, all the possibilities come forth and it just happened very organically.

Emma Miller Style Focus For Love & Lemons Jena Malone

The Hunger Games’ Jena Malone in her ‘Flower Hopes’ For Love & Lemons collection

Where do you find inspiration?

Gillian: Everywhere!!!

Who is the For Love and Lemons girl?

Laura: The For Love & Lemons girl is someone who is passionate about what she does and exudes confidence. She is a trend setter in an oblivious way. She is just very comfortable with who she is and what she wears. This aura enables her to set the trend and never follow. She is the girl you want to hang out with because she is interesting, fun, and relatable. She is down to earth and focuses on how she can contribute to the world.

I first fell in love with the brand through social media – is this an important part of the business?

Laura: Social media has been extremely important in growing and awareness for our brand. It’s such a great way to relate to our customers! We love it because we get to communicate and hear the voice of all our of loyal followers and fans! We learn what people love and what they don’t.

What does #downtoyourskivvies mean to the brand?

Laura: Stripping away everything to the women you are. And being confident in who you are. Confidence is sexy!

Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Chanel Iman have all been seen wearing For Love and Lemons – who would be your dream person to dress?

Gillian: Kate Moss in the 90s

Laura: Queen B (Beyonce)

Emma Miller Style Focus For Love & Lemons

What’s next for the brand?

Laura: We just launched our KNITZ collection a few weeks ago, which has been a long time in the making and we are very excited about!! We also have a couple top secret ventures hitting the market soon, so keep an eye out!



I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see more from the brand which is currently stocked at Free People and Nasty Gal – what are your favourite For Love & Lemons pieces?

For now, keep up with updates from the brand on their Twitter and Instagram!

xo Emma

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