October 21, 2014

Style Focus: Natasha Zinko

I first met designer Natasha Zinko during Paris Haute Couture (read more about that here) and was charmed by the very same charismatic personality that I later found evident in her work. Having trained in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, Natasha went on to launch her own jewellery brand and a ready-to-wear collection soon followed. With her work featured everywhere from Grazia to Harpers Bazaar, and now sold at Net a Porter, Natasha Zinko has already established herself as the name to watch. I caught up with the multi-talented designer in London to talk about the brand, her background in Ukraine and finding inspiration.


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Check out behind the scenes at Natasha Zinko on her Instagram.


Hi Natasha! Can you talk me through the origins of the Natasha Zinko brand?

I moved to London to study an Art & Design Foundation at Chelsea College of Arts and later, I studied jewellery design in Central St. Martins. After my studies I decided to launch my own brand and opened my first flagship store in Mayfair.

Why did you choose to launch a womenswear line alongside the jewellery?

After my graduation I created a small clothing line for myself and my girlfriends. Due to their support and persuasion I continued designing. When my first collection was bought by a department store called TSUM in Moscow, I decided to start a more professional clothing brand – which I am still developing.

Describe the Natasha Zinko brand in three words:

Feminine, Fun, Provocative!



Some of my favourite looks from the Natasha Zinko Autumn/Winter collection.


Who is the Natasha Zinko girl?

She is fun, confident and not afraid to experiment with fashion to show off her colourful and playful character.

Where do you find inspiration?

I would say that I am often influenced by my childhood memories. I grew up in the Soviet Union and still visit my home town, Odessa in Ukraine, which plays a part in my designs. However, it’s always combined with the current influences I have around me – living in London for over 10 years and traveling all over the world. My son is a great inspiration and he always helps me in my work.

Can you talk me through the inspiration for the ready-to-wear Autumn/Winter collection? I love it!

This season elegance prevailed with subtle lines and slim silhouettes. Colours and patterns are certainly influenced by vibrant London, but my heritage cannot be hidden and is always present in my thoughts when I design. Studying in the Soviet Union and having grown up hearing stories about Mary Poppins and other British characters, my childhood imagination is evident in the pieces.

You use fine stones in your jewellery sourced from Basel – do you apply the same selective nature to the clothing?

Yes, I am very selective. I travel to special professional shows around Europe and have been buying lace from Paris and fabrics from Italy and the UK. I always select materials in person as I have to check the quality and feel before I use them in production.



Bunnies or elephants? Natasha Zinko jewellery, available at Net-A-Porter.


Do you ever design with yourself in mind?

I don’t think I have ever had my self in my mind when I design. However, as they are inspired by my mood and daily influences, my pieces are always in parallel with my style.

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Some of my favourite looks from the Natasha Zinko Autumn/Winter collection.


Who would you most like to dress?

I like to dress interesting and inspirational women. For me the dream client is a person who really likes to experiment and is not afraid of mixing her outfits. 


What can we expect from you next?

I have to continue working hard on developing my seasonal collections as well as designing capsule and resort collections. That’s a lot of work to do and I hope I can manage it!



Natasha Zinko is available to buy from her Maddox Street store – race you there!

xo Emma

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