August 6, 2014

Style Focus: Triangl

To bikini or not…? That is the question on every girl’s mind when summer time arrives. As I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s very little as anxiety-inducing as taking off your beach coverup for the first time each year and baring (almost) all. However, one brand has been making it all a little easier by striking a balance between fashion and practicality: Triangl.

Worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus and a huge selection of mega-bloggers, Triangl bikinis are quickly becoming a go-to brand in the swimwear market, mixing high style with prices that don’t break the bank!

I learnt about the brand a while ago when I invested in one of their sports-luxe neoprene bikinis – an on-trend style that’s both fun and versatile! Now, I’ve sat down with the brand’s co-founder Erin Deering to ask about all things Triangl, why she chose swimwear and why bloggers are so important to the brand.



Talk me through the origins of Triangl?

We started Triangl in 2012, myself and my partner Craig Ellis – because I couldn’t find a suitable bikini anywhere that was fashionable and under $100! We launched Triangl Underwear in early 2014, and have two styles currently with plans to expand into more shapes soon. Our label is strongly built around utilising our social media platforms, with Instagram allowing us to talk to our 750,000 followers daily.

Swimwear is quite a small market – why did you choose it?

Swimwear is fun, it’s got a great vibe around it – it’s all about holidays, beautiful locations and endless summers! That, and we saw a pretty big gap in the market!

Who is your idea Triangl girl?

Our ideal Triangl girl is honestly anyone and everyone! A girl or woman who enjoys sun and swimming, the beach and summer is our ideal girl. We are pretty proud of being able to be worn by women of any age, whether she is 10 or 50 years old!



I love neoprene – and it appears you do too! Why the sports-luxe fabrics?

Neoprene is the foundation of our brand. We love the way this fabric fits. It’s so flattering and smoothes the body and holds everything in place really well! Ideal for swimming and jumping around at the beach! Mesh is just a great partner, as it has that sporty luxe feel which seems to be a growing trend, even though it’s been around for a few years already.

A lot of fashion apparel designers are incorporating mesh and neoprene into their designs too – do you keep your eye on the ready-to-wear collections as inspiration for your designs?

We definitely keep an eye on what’s going on around us with fashion, especially the bigger, high-end designers as they seem to create those trends and really push boundaries. It’s just really interesting to see how they come up with their collections. We generally keep with bright colours, and we really listen to our customers a lot. They like to tell us what works and what doesn’t – and so we design our pieces based around what works for them! They are the ones that truly inspire us!





Triangl has been worn by some of my favourite blogger girls, such as Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. Why are relationships with blogs so important to you?

We have always had relationships with bloggers, from the very beginning of our business. As we are an online only business, it makes sense for us to be as involved in the online world. Social media is the new print media, and it’s more accessible and realistic as well in a lot of ways. We love it!

Who would you like to see wearing Triangl next?

Every time we see a photo of a customer in Triangl is an exciting moment for us – and we are very lucky to see that every day!

What’s in the future for Triangl?

More bikinis!


Check out Triangl on Instagram – @Triangl_Swimwear

xo Emma

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