Watch: Taking New York Fashion Week

If being named one of Nine Fashionistas to Follow on Snapchat wasn’t exciting enough, the first video from my international Fashion Week coverage has just gone live on YouTube! The video follows the first leg of my trip, as I go backstage at Elie Tahari to front row at Gabriela Cadena; from the offices of YouTube producer Casey Neistat to the NYC streets with my writer-director and all-round extraordinary brother Mike! (His words, not mine.)

I’m really excited to share my adventures with you, so much so I’ve decided to scout the comments & subscribers on the channel for four lucky fashionistas (or fashionistos) to WIN 1 item each, from each of the cities visited: New York, London, Milan & Paris!

If you have any questions about the trip, the fashion industry, or simply about me, make sure to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer each and every one! I’m a big reader, so feel free to comment/enter as many times as you like 😉

In the meantime, why not check out my 5 Lessons from New York Fashion Week.

xo EM

Direction: Mike Miller
Editing: Ben Doyle

  • Jason Chris

    You seem very well traveled, what is your favorite city and why?

  • Gabi Schuman

    Your fashion is always on point !! Thank you so much for being so sweet on snapchat – its really appreciated

  • Holly Portelli

    Yay! I have finally found out that I can subscribe to your blog! I’m so excited to see where life takes you. You truly are such an amazing fashionista/blogger/model and many more talents. Love all your looks from the video above at NYFW! Keep being amazing girl!
    Much love,
    Holly Portelli Xx

  • Cristine

    Subscribed to your blog! Loved following you on fashion week (in snapchat, while I’m wearing my pyjamas). Lol! X

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  • fashionjunkie101

    Love your look for Gabriela Cadena show! Well done! xxx