October 4, 2016

Watch: Three-Minute Face

Recently I’ve been travelling a lot because of fashion weeks which has left me feeling and looking tired! I don’t have the time to go for a facial or put on a face mask for 30 mins in the morning so I’ve got my makeup routine down to a few easy simple steps. These tips and tricks I hope you’ll find useful especially if you’re on the go! But remember, beauty is not about what makeup you use or how you put it on, beauty is an attitude! Set your own standards of what is beautiful and go get em’!

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1. Moisturiser
2. Primer
3. Concealer
4. Foundation
5. Beauty Blender
6. Contour Stick
7. Highlighter
8. Eyebrow Powder
9. Eyelash Curlers
10. Mascara
11. Eyeshadow
12. Eyebrow Gel
13. Lipstick Palette

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