March 28, 2015

Why I Won’t Complain about the Weather

There’s nothing worse than waking up to overcast skies and rain smeared windows, is there? Leaving hair flat and frazzled, roads blocked with traffic, and the best laid plans in ruins, the Great British weather has a lot to answer for.

That is, unless you have no business being outside. So having woken up to a typical British scene of puddled streets and darkening clouds just yesterday, I decided to cuddle up at home and pamper myself. It’s not all bad, is it? 😉 Here’s 5 more reasons why I won’t complain about the weather:


5. Wet weather days are a great opportunity to try out new beauty trends at home – where no one can judge your handiwork! 😉


4. Anyone for a movie marathon? Feet up. Netflix on. Tea in hand. Bliss…


3. The sound of rain against a window must be seriously the most peaceful sound there is. Don’t believe me? Turn the volume up on this when you’re feeling stressed.


2. Rain is like a get out of jail free card. No one’s going to force the issue if you decide to skip your commitments today.


1. But if you do decide to do some work – you go, girl! – there are zero distractions, and your efficiency rate is sky high. Look – my entirely scientifically sound graph below proves it.


Check out my wet weather beauty secrets below:

Makeup by Charlotte Tilbury
Scent by Byredo
Nail polish by Chanel


xo Emma


Photography by Robby Mueller.

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