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February 13, 2015

Why You’re Better Off Alone this Valentine’s Day

Emma Miller, model & fashion blogger wearing Jonathan Simkhai for Valentine's Day 2015

Why You’re Better Off Alone this V-Day 

People say Los Angeles is a lonely city; probably something to do with all the time spent trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on endless freeways. Yet with Valentine’s Day around the corner, all I seem to hear about are loved-up couples making plans. Everywhere I look, there’s heart shaped candy, and sickly sweet hallmark cards in window fronts declaring their love to passersby.

As a single girl facing Valentine’s Day alone, the idea of it all can be rather daunting. However, having had my fair share of Valentines in the past, I know your totally reasonable expectations of fireworks and five-star-getaways are very rarely met. From overbooked restaurants to thoughtless gestures and unimaginative gifting – don’t even get me started on mismatched sexual expectations – you want to try what? – it makes me realise that being by myself on February 14th isn’t so bad after all.

With that said, here are 6 more reasons why ‘V’ Day is better spent with ‘U’.

You can treat yo’self.

This V-Day you can treat yourself to exactly what you want, i.e. a cute set of pyjamas and not another impractical and let’s face it uncomfortable, balconette lingerie set complete with cutouts and peepholes. Ew.

You never need to wonder whether they’re going to call or if you’ll have to see them again.

No more mixed signals, or throwaway excuses. Girl, you can see yourself whenever you please!

You can eat what you want, when you want and however much you want.

which reminds me…

You don’t have to share your dessert. Show me one person who actually enjoys sharing dessert and I’ll show you one very confused and angry twenty-something: ME.

You get to choose what to watch on Netflix. (Mindy Project, duh.)

And finally, now you’re feeling sleepy? You win again. The bed is all yours at the end of the night.

Do you sleep on: the left side   ◻
                               right side   ◻
or, whatever damn side I want  ☒

…just in case you feel like dressing up anyway here’s the DETAILS:

Jewelry – shop similar on ASOS

xo Emma

Photography by Warren Remolacio.

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