L.A. Confidential

Emma Miller, model and fashion blogger photographed by Ben Tsui in LA wearing Miu Miu

There’s something in the Los Angeles air, or maybe it’s in the sun, which makes me feel less restless. Dust – from the desert, from the car  - softens the noise, and the hazy warmth dulls sharp lines. Time passes more slowly here. Somehow dislocated from the moment, I’m able to take my foot off the pedal, clear […]



Meeting the Parents


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about relationship milestones and there’s none more significant than the first to decide if you and your partner have a future: meeting the parents. So for any of my readers that might be prepping for the occasion, here’s my failsafe guide to what to wear and what […]



My Guide to the City of Angels

Emma Miller, model and fashion blogger photographed in Los Angeles by Ben Tsui

As you might have noticed from my Instagram, I’ve fallen hard and fast for LA. While I’ve been to the city several times before, this trip marks the first time I’ve spent any longer than a few weeks. In an effort to make myself feel more at home – in a city so unlike my own! – […]



6 Steps to Breaking Hearts in the New Year

Helmut Newton - Vogue - Emma Miller Fashion Blog

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s miserable: winter has a way of making you take another look at the slightly slovenly, but suddenly adorable guy next door, and before you know it you’re spooning on the couch in front of a Netflix marathon. Lacking the chemistry and charisma (not to mention height, weight and eye colour) you […]