I’m Not Your Basic White Tee Girl

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A white tee is the relaxed cousin of the little black dress. Its simple, versatile and you never have to fear being a repeat offender. But the LWT as a sartorial blank canvas is often underestimated. Every women owns one -whats so special? Well,



It’s My Birthday And I’ll Film If I Want To!

Emma Miller Birthday Party

There should be exceptions made for every birthday girl right? WRONG! Well, I couldn’t let you guys down and so with a little bending of the rules I managed to make this vlog! If you were watching my snapchat you’ll know I was struggling to think of how to throw a fun birthday party. The […]




Emma Miller Paris Fashion Week 2016 -2

Hello guys! So as you may have guessed from the title, this post is about embracing what you have and being body confident. I did a video  you can watch here which gives a little background on how I came to love the skin I’m in! I was overwhelmed by the support from you all after posting this video and since then a lot have you have shared with me your struggle with body image. I wanted this post to be a positive guide on how to conquer those inner voices and really feel good about yourself!



Lovely catching up with @AnastasiaBevHil last night in Mykonos! 💄💋 https://t.co/OTdmB6L3MQ