My Night Time Routine

Night Time Routine Emma Miller

You guys asked for it so here you go! My evening routine including my workout, skincare routine, healthy dinner and chill time. Let me know in the comments below how you like to spend your evenings and what helps you relax! I look forward to reading all your comments and replying! Leave your Instagram handle/youtube/blog […]



Paris Fashion Week – Outfits and Confessions

Emma Miller Paris Fashion Week 2016

Hello and welcome back! I must apologise for the serious time lapse in-between posts at the moment. I hate to be complacent but for the last few weeks I needed to scale back my workload. I was heading towards serious burnout. I was losing touch with friends and family and some of the things that […]




LFW - Outfits Collage - Low res

Emma Gray, Women’s Editor of HuffPo gave us a whole new reason for self-love this week with: ‘34 Tweets Nail Being A Grown-Ass Woman With A Job’. One of the quotes that is most relevant here is an ‘excuse’ from one #Girlboss: ‘Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t figure out a good time to come out […]



How I Train For A Marathon

Marathon Training

Hello! So with less than two weeks to go until I run 26.2 miles (breaking a sweat just writing this) I wanted to share my training tips and advice on running a marathon. Maybe your goal isn’t to run a marathon (yet!) and you just want to get back into running and generally improving your […]



New blog post up about finding your inner calm 🙏🏻 Plus some of my fav day-to night looks ➡️