Piaget is known for its expert watchmaking and exquisite fine jewellery. It’s a brand I’ve always admired and so I was delighted to  collaborate with them on the release of their beautiful new Mediterranean Garden Collection. You don’t need to tell me, it’s a true Cinderella story! Tasked with interpreting four exquisite designs as I would wear them, this […]



A British Summer with Stella McCartney


    You may have seen on my Snapchat Story that I was shooting something special last weekend and I’m so excited to share the results! Working with Stella McCartney is a dream come true for this fashionista; a truly British brand that has demonstrated its credibility and versatility time and time again, all while upholding […]



What Everyone’s Wearing Now: One Piece Swimsuits


In case you haven’t noticed, there’s one trend that’s making a splash on social feeds everywhere this summer – besides large inflatable swans, that is – and it’s the return of one piece swimsuits! Whether you’re a #buxombeauty like Bella or a #skinnymini like Taylor, the one-piece can make the most of your poolside silhouette, and we couldn’t be happier to […]



On Repeat – Summer Playlist


Let’s be honest, we’re yet to hear the song of the summer 2015 and while some early, chart topping releases had potential – think Rihanna BBHM - radio overplay has seen many of them peak and fade away. Even so, there’s plenty new releases out there and my Spotify has been in overdrive with the following hits, slow burners and […]