It’s My Birthday And I’ll Film If I Want To!

Emma Miller Birthday Party

There should be exceptions made for every birthday girl right? WRONG! Well, I couldn’t let you guys down and so with a little bending of the rules I managed to make this vlog! If you were watching my snapchat you’ll know I was struggling to think of how to throw a fun birthday party. The […]




Emma Miller Paris Fashion Week 2016 -2

Hello guys! So as you may have guessed from the title, this post is about embracing what you have and being body confident. I did a video  you can watch here which gives a little background on how I came to love the skin I’m in! I was overwhelmed by the support from you all after posting this video and since then a lot have you have shared with me your struggle with body image. I wanted this post to be a positive guide on how to conquer those inner voices and really feel good about yourself!



I Can’t Breathe! Cannes Part 02

Emma Miller Cannes 2016

Hey guys!


My last few days in Cannes were action packed with my final red carpet, a Chopard event, photoshoots and a trip to Hotel Du Cap. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures from the shoot, which will be up on the blog soon!



Spring Favourites

Emma Miller Model Blogger Spring Favourites

As we come to the end of Spring and welcome the beginning of Summer I wanted to do a round up of what I’ve been loving! Whilst it’s been raining in London and everyone is feeling typically cynical about ‘Spring/Summer’ in the UK, I thought what better way to get in the mood than a […]



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