Why Denim is Actually Your Ideal Man


So you’re favourite pair of jean cutoffs won’t buy you takeout when you have a case of girl flu, or flowers, just because, but still, here’s why denim is actually your ideal man: Denim is… RELIABLE: Denim can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down STAIN RESISTANT: easy to clean, denim won’t […]



Trend Report: White Out

Emma Miller, model & fashion blogger wearing white crop top photographed in LA by Warren Remolacio

That’s right, I’ve jumped on the wearing-white-in-winter bandwagon but it just so happens my winter is nicer than yours #sorryaboutit. As you should know by now, I’m all for being inclusive when it comes to trends. I’m a firm believer that all shapes, all sizes can find a way to style a look in a way that suits […]



Why You’re Better Off Alone this Valentine’s Day

Emma Miller, model & fashion blogger photographed by Warren Remolacio wearing Jonathan Simkhai for Valentine's Day 2015

People say Los Angeles is a lonely city; probably something to do with all the time spent trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on endless freeways. Yet with Valentine’s Day around the corner, all I seem to hear about are loved-up couples making plans. Everywhere I look, there’s heart shaped candy, and sickly sweet hallmark cards in window fronts declaring their love to passersby.



This is How to Be Taken More Seriously


“Hey Emma, my coworkers don’t take me seriously. Can you help?”   Hey girl, if your coworkers aren’t taking you seriously then you need to take a stand. If I learned anything from watching Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, it’s that the way you dress affects the way other people perceive your value – whether you’re at home, school or work. […]



Why denim actually makes the perfect guy...